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Originally Posted by BrimFullofAsham45 View Post
The trade did not have to be made, but it is clear now Sharp wanted out/didn't like Hitch and Clarke obliged him.

Weird to read my comments from 2005. I thought Sharp was going to be a decent NHLer, but nothing special.

Bad trade, but I feel like every franchise has one of these.
One of them? Every franchise has a bad trade like this probably every few years. It seems like this board just concentrates on all the bad moves we make, and never on the good moves. Not saying people don't appreciate the good moves we make, but we just constantly dwell on the negatives. For a franchise that has been so successful(I know we haven't won a cup in a long time, but overall) we really seem like we are run extremely poorly if you go by post in here. I think we all know that it is not the case. Homer isn't the best, nor is he the worst, but people act like he doesn't know what he is doing sometimes(yes, I know Clarkie made the Sharp trade also, just talking about the here and now.)

One person I would fire though is Barry Hanrahan, for a guy who's primary job is knowledge of the salary cap, the Flyers have too many problems in that regard. Get some else in here for that.

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