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07-26-2013, 09:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Craig71 View Post
If he is a valuable commodity, he will be valued by other teams looking for a player like him. Thats excellent because we need something different on our D core, we already have Markov, PK Subban as puck movers but what we need is a throwback to Lyle Odelin to help these guys out when the going gets rough. If that guy exsists, then lets send Diaz and someone else to get him. We have too much of one thing right now and that will get us nowhere. I love Emelin and like the future of Tinordi but we need a guy of that nature with NHL experience to balance out our D core. Diaz is the odd man out, so why not move him to greener pastures and get the guy we need.
Incredibly short-sighted. Markov is beyond "peak" effectiveness, and soon to be begging for a smaller role among the blueliners. Beaulieu is also at LEAST a year from being able to contribute nearly as efficiently offensively at the top level. So there's Subban moving the puck, and then there's... ?

Originally Posted by Monctonscout View Post
I don't find he got easy minutes. Maybe more last year once Markov and PK were back but his rookie year he played pretty tough minutes and was solid.

I find he gets heavily underrated here because he's 5'11" and smart and not a 6'4" grunt who hacks in front of the net.

I see him having a very solid NHL career playing about 20 minutes a night, helping on both PP and PK, plus being a well above average puck mover. A poor man's Keith.
We are easily in better agreement here than the other thread.

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