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Originally Posted by FiLe View Post
Besides, aren't you contradicting yourself when you state that Kontiola could still be made a decent winger if given a little time to adapt and sort out the chemistry? Because, you know, if he couldn't do that with the meager time he was given while preparing to a WHC, how could he do that for even higher-level olympics, when that time of preparation is practically reduced to zero?
I don't remember seeing Kontiola play wing recently and I can't be certain how he'd adapt or perform playing that position. I didn't contradict myself, I simply went with the hypothesis I had of him, which was that he'd probably do better as a wing than Koivu bros or Barkov. And I don't think I wrote anything about giving time to adapt or to sort out chemistry.

Originally Posted by FiLe View Post
In fact, that enough should be enough of an argument not to place players out of position or try fantasizing about things that could work. No, the olympics are very much an arena where you go with things you already know that work. Konna at wing is not one them, especially when all the existing evidence points the other way, and trying to argue otherwise is nothing but a huge hail mary.
All the existing evidence that I have of Konna's ability to play wing is your word, you have to take that into consideration. You gave me some reasoning in your previous post, but before that pretty much all I heard from you was "can't play" or "couldn't play", so it's not a surprise I wanted to hear more.

I have to emphasize again that the roster I posted "is roughly how I'd personally like to see it ATM". Meaning that I'd much rather see Aaltonen instead of Selänne, Kontiola instead of Leino, Barkov instead of O.Jokinen, and Ristolainen instead of someone like Laakso, Lepistö or Niskala. I simply picked the players I'd roughly like to see there without sacrificing too much quality in the process. People here can argue against my roster all they want, but it's probably not going stop me from trying to "fantasize".

Having Kontiola as a 2nd line wing was probably one of the more unrealistic things in my roster, but I wanted the top-2 lines to have a player with the ability to shoot from the right side. If we exclude Selänne, Aaltonen and Kontiola might be the most prominent forwards we have with that handedness.

Would be nice to go to the Olympics with a line-up without too many question marks, but with the way our player pool is at the moment, that's probably not going to happen. We have a lot of aging players, some guys returning from long injuries, a few unproven youngsters and so on.

We've seen Sami Kapanen play centre for the Finnish national team and I wouldn't completely rule out the possibility of a somewhat similar surprise-solution with this team either. As an example, if we end up having 6 good centres and 7 good wingers with a clear drop-off in quality after that, one of the C's is probably going to be playing wing even if he's not accustomed to it.

Originally Posted by FiLe View Post
Um... didn't I already say that the issue is not with Granlund's adaptivity, but with the game plan? Different things are expected of different lines. Granlund played well with Pihlström and Korpikoski, yes, but the role was still very much an offensive one. Same would not be the case if he was to play in a line issued more heavy grinder duties.

Yes, there are hockey philosophies where you can try to run with all four cylinders creating offense, but that has practically never been the case with Team Finland. Jalonen did try to break that formula a couple of times, but that was more a force of circumstance than anything. Erkka, however, is far more conservative than him. If he has the pick of any players he likes, the 4th line will be a standard two-way grinder unit with offense being a side product. Granlund could end up performing adequately, but it'd be a waste of his talents.
I edited my previous reply after reading your posts for the 2nd time last night. It remains to be seen what the role or style of the 3rd and 4th line with Erkka, and how well Granlund might fit there if he's not a top-6 forward. For what it's worth, at the previous Olympics our only hardnosed wingers were the Ruutu brothers and we had guys like Niko Kapanen, Ville Peltonen, Antti Miettinen and Niklas Hagman in our lower lines. At least Granlund wouldn't differentiate that radically from these players when it comes to grinding.

At Erkka's last Olympics in 2006 he had Jarkko Ruutu and Ville Nieminen in his disposal, so he had the option to go with a "grinding" 4th line. Whether or not a similar line ends up being a good option with the current player pool is of course anyone's guess at this point.

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