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07-26-2013, 12:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Anth93 View Post
Haha, oh come on you know this isn't true.

Franson/Kadri/Gunnarsson were essential to this offseason. Nonis decided to go in a different direction and come back to these three hoping they'd be ready to sign the papers when he got to them. It was predictable and inevitable the minute we saw "Bozak resigns/Clarkson signs".
Originally Posted by AuraSphere View Post
This is why I hate Leafs management.... Sign a bad overrated player for a 5.25 million long term deal... let go of possibly our best defenseman this last season.

My goodness -.-"
Originally Posted by PhionKeneuf View Post
Franson is easily worth more than Gunnarsson.

At least 4 mil is fair for him, honestly.
None of you watch Leafs games it seems.

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