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Originally Posted by RedWingsNow View Post
Vernon was starter in two playoff years for Detroit, getting us to the finals twice, winning once.
Osgood, for whatever reason, also seemed to have lots of trouble with the Colorado avalanche his first time here.

Ozzie vs Roy never worked out well for us.
Vernon vs Roy did. Hasek vs Roy did.
Osgood was healthy for one series vs. Colorado. It was his fourth playoff series in his career.

In that series, these were the Wings' top scorers:

Sergei Fedorov61-8-9
Paul Coffey43-2-5
Doug Brown42-2-4
Igor Larionov62-1-3
Dino Ciccarelli62-1-3
Nicklas Lidstrom62-1-3
Slava Kozlov61-2-3
Steve Yzerman50-3-3
Vladimir Konstantinov61-1-2
Keith Primeau50-1-1
Slava Fetisov60-1-1

Osgood wasn't at his best, in part because of an epic run by Sakic and excellent runs by the other Avs scorers. But the 1996 series can hardly be blamed on him alone. And the 1997 series or playoff was hardly "Vernon carrying the Wings".

Roy had an excellent 1996 series, and did very well in 1999 as well. But historically, he often had problems with the Wings. So a better argument would be that Colorado was a high-powered scoring team that significantly improved its goal-prevention with the Roy trade and was better than the 62-win Detroit team; had they made that same trade at the beginning of the season (they were reportedly trying to acquire him since before they relocated, and his "meltdown" dropped the price significantly) it's possible they would have had a better record than Detroit.

Originally Posted by RedWingsNow View Post
There were two camps;
The Jimmy D/Ken Holland Camp
The Bowman Camp.

Jimmy D didn't want Bowman in here as coach but Ilitch forced it. Jimmy D didn't want Bowman as GM, but Bowman went around Jimmy D and became GM.

Finally, a few years later, Jimmy D talked Mike Ilitch into making Holland the GM and Bowman the coach

And when Bowman left, he lobbied hard for Smith. Holland lobbied for Lewis. Jimmy D and Mike Ilitch came out in favor of Holland.

Bowman lost.

There's a decent section on it in Bowman's autobiography.

I definitely supported Bowman's choice. But I wound up meeting Smith a short time later. Guy is a jerk.
Originally Posted by WingsFan2002 View Post
Which is funny because Devallano (in his autobiography) claimed that he recommended Bowman to Ilitch in 1993. At the time, Ilitch wanted to go after Mike Keenan.
Devellano preferred Al Arbour, but his second choice was Bowman. I thought this was common knowledge.

JimmyD/Holland and Scotty get all the credit for those 90's Wings teams but I think Bryan Murray deserves some credit as well. He drafted some key players while he was GM in the early 90's.

1990 draft
Keith Primeau (used in trade for Shanahan)
Vyacheslav Kozlov
Murray was hired after the 1990 draft. When Devellano was GM (both before and after Murray) Holland (as head scout, and later as AGM) largely ran the draft. Murray didn't operate the same way, taking a much more hands-on approach. A highly notable part of this is the approach to drafting Europeans (most notably Russians; check the Wings' draft record on Euros compared to with Murray).

Also, "used in trade for Shanahan" in an attempt to give Murray credit for the Shanahan trade is silly. It's like saying Devellano is responsible for acquiring Paul Coffey because he drafted Joe Murphy, Petr Klima, and Adam Graves.

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