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07-26-2013, 04:07 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyersFan61290 View Post
Richards role was to control Toews in that series and he did. Toews finished the playoffs with 29 pts in 22 games but was held to 3 pts (all assists) in the finals which is impressive considering it was a crazy scoring series. Richards added a goal and an assist in those 6 games, sure everyone wanted more but it's unfair to put the blame on him IMO, he did his job. And while Carter only had one goal and 1a in the finals he played better then his numbers indicated, specifically on defense. Blaming the cup loss on one moment (missing the empty netter) is pretty short sighted. Gagne, as well as Carter also have the injury card to play.

Leighton sucked for the entire series, though the last goal was particularly sucky. I do agree that it wasn't just goaltending but the vast majority of the blame should be on the goaltending, like 98 percent.
I think you are misunderstanding what I'm saying. I'm not saying goaltending WASN'T an issue and that Richards/Carter/Gagne WERE THE ONLY issue. I'm saying that there was no ONE reason. Yes, improved goaltending would have helped. Just like improved play from Richards/Carter/Gagne would have helped. If the goalies played the same, but Richards/Carter/Gagne chipped in a couple more goals the Flyers would possibly have won. Just like if the forwards played the same but Leighton made a couple more saves, they would have possibly won. Throw in the third pairing playing a little better and Pronger being able to control Byufglien a little better and it's all the more likely. There was not ONE problem in that series. There were a couple.

Blaming Leighton is the easiest and most obvious problem, but it is absurd to tell me that Gagne/Richards/Carter getting more involved offensively would not have had the same impact...three of the four losses were one goal games. It really isn't asking too much that your top two scorers from the regular season have a better offensive series (even if Richards did shut down Toews). Yes Leighton was a problem, but so were all the other issues I mentioned.

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