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07-26-2013, 05:25 PM
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CHL Scoring:


Q: 6.98GPG
O: 6.49GPG
W: 6.42GPG


Q: 7.15GPG
O: 6.9GPG
W: 6.8GPG


Q: 6.7GPG
O: 7.25GPG
W: 6.76GPG


Q: 6.92GPG
O: 6.95GPG
W: 6.53GPG


Q: 6.88GPG
O: 6.86GPG
W: 6.51GPG


Q: 6.84GPG
O: 6.88GPG
W: 6.01GPG

So WHL has been lowest every year but 10-11, where it was middle.

Q has been highest 3 years, lowest 1 year, middle 2 years.

OHL has been highest 3 years, middle 3 years.

Apart from last year where Q was far higher scoring, and 10-11 when O was almost the same the opposite way, Q and O are very similar.

Even with a 0.5GPG difference (as last year and 10-11) the impact on individual players is not that big.

Looking for example at Straka last year, that is an extra 3-4 points a year for him from playing in the Q instead of OHL.

(very basically, not looking at individual team scoring, just overall. 0.25GPG per team difference between OHL and QMJHL, so each team gets an extra ~17 goals per season than the OHL, so an extra ~40 points per team, so top line players like Straka got about a 3-4 point boost (assuming top 3 get ~20-30% of team points, which is about usual.)

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