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11-02-2006, 01:00 PM
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Originally Posted by 94now View Post
Malik played very well last night. Thanks to him we didn't loose. He did have two bad bounces, but I'd rather blame Weeks for not bailing him out (both shots were pretty easy, although hard ones). The bounces were misfortunes, not mistakes. He played correctly there in the corner before Getslaf's goal. The were no one in white to pick up his kick as there should be. Unlike many fans Renney understands and appreciates his contribution. Plus, realistically we do not and we will not have a better stay-at-home D this season. So instead of bashing him, I suggest to root for the guy. He didn't play his best at season start, but I do not think it is required in October. March and April is what we need from him.
To blame Weekes and pardon Malik is the grossest example of bias I have seen of recent. The first one I don't really blame Malik, he got taken out from behind. But I will not blame Weekes for no bailing him out when Pronger blasts one into the top corner. The second one, come on, that is all Malik. A perfect pass into the wheelhouse for a onetimer? I don't care if it deflected (which I didn't notice), hit a rut in the ice or whatever misfortunate incident occurred, it was a bad play. I had no problem with Malik last season, he played very well but this season he is god awful and I will not root for him until he decides to start performing at a minimum level befitting the jersey.

Originally Posted by 94now View Post
Using the skates to move and even control the puck with is the basic skill possessed by all NHL players. Soccer experience helps, but not required. Thus, kick was not unusual, but rather a correct play on his part that ended up with wrong deflection.
For some reason people think that D should have zero misplays, while goalie might allow a few. Just opposite is true. I did not see any problem with our defensemen last night. If they play like that all year we'll be just fine. Ozolinch, Rachunek, Tyutin and Ward were above par, while Malik and Rozy were right at it. Our defense alone have won critical 3rd period for us, making Weeks life pretty easy during intense Ducks attacks. The first pair took most load as usual.
If kicking the puck is a basic skill, why did he botch the play so horrendously. By your own admission he should have and could have made a safe pass to his teammate with a kick. He failed to do so and cost his team a goal against. If you want to argue that it was misfortunately deflected than it is no longer a basic play and he should have avoided kicking it near an opponent's skate.

Originally Posted by 94now View Post
Those were shots from the perimeter. As long as opposition does perimeter shots, the job of the defenseman is done. You've got your forwards to take care about perimeter. The first D that moves towards the point to challenge the shooter or for any other reason should be out of the team. Malik was standing waiting for Weeks rebounds to clear the slot, something many were complaining about here. Yet, when he did what he was supposed to do he is now blamed for not jumping on every Duck .

The one shot was an absolute blast by Pronger, one of the hardest shots in the league. One of his defensemen was crumpled on the ice while to Ducks were flanking him. What do you expect of Weekes?

The second shot was inside the circle, not exactly perimeter, it was also a one timer off of a perfect pass by flawless Malik. Even his mistakes are perfect.

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