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axecrew;69641691]If you'll remember Niemi beat crawford out for a job in the NHL [/B]before the cup year in 2010 after having played with him in rockford the year before. Having said that Niemi led the hawks to their 1st cup in 49 yrs that spring.....afterwards HE wanted to get paid and what happened? The hawks walked away from an aribitrators ruling allowing Niemi to sign in San Jose. Bowman doesn't exactly have a track record for paying his goalies and rightfully so.....his thought is to shore up the team in front of him so the shots never get through to the goalie, thus allowing him to put a medicore( pay wise)goalie back there and still win.

If you think about it the formula worked again this year....why fix what's not broke.
Niemi didn't beat out Crawford. I actually remember that Crawford was the better of the two, or at the very least they were equal. Crawford had a two way contract, whereas I believe that Niemi didn't, and therefore Crawford was sent down.

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