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Originally Posted by gerard leublond View Post
Agree with you to an extent, however, my point was the veteran defensemen that I didn't name in the previous post ie: Desuatels, Davis, Guy, Vlajkov; may be the "older / experienced" players, yet they are not quite the stud leaders for the "rookies" to model their game after. They did nothing for the team last season, as my wife and I were at every home game and witnessed inexperience first hand. Age has nothing to do with what you can bring to the table, I think McDavid is the prime example of that. The rookie d core will be better and bring much more despite a 2 or 3 year age difference. Middleton, Duschene and possibly Vlajkov would be the vets to guide the rookies, and that makes six defense right there..doesn't appear green to me at all. Don't think the disappointment will be on defense.
Respectfully disagree,age does matter in the OHL along with experience,MacDavid is an exception not a rule,15 or 16 year olds rarely dominate,especially on D,and the 3 vets u mentioned have 4 years combined exp,and only 1 with 2 years.
Ottawa returns the lowest pts from the D in the OHL this coming season 42,with only 12 goals,Windsor and Erie have 35 and 34 goals returning from the D as an example and both teams failed to make the playoffs like ottawa,in fact both teams ave nearly triple the amt of pts returning from the D,Windsor has 130 pts and Erie 119
They need to add offense from the D to help the forwards score and 3 rookies wiont do it
Its okay to put youngsters in the lineup u need to blend off and def type together
To expect immediate or better success from a rookie laden def corps is setting yourself up to disappointment
Rebuilds take time

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