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07-26-2013, 10:09 PM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
I didn't say "the offense" needed to be better. Richards, Carter, and Gagne needed to be better. To win the Cup, everyone has to show up. Goaltending was an issue, but there is no argument that you can make to tell me that if Richards, Carter, and Gagne had produced more offensively that it would not have had the same impact as improved goaltending.

Like I said, 3/4 losses were one goal games. Richards had 21 points in the first three series. Carter had 5 points (in the six games he played in). Gagne had 10 points in the first three series. In the Cup Finals they scored a COMBINED 6 points and were a -21. It defies logic to argue that you would say that improved offensive play from these three would not have had the same impact as better goaltending in three one goal games.
They played fine. You know who didn't play fine? Leighton. Asking them to play better is just absurd. Asking the guy who downright sucked in every possible way to just suck a little less makes a lot more sense.

Scoring goals: Minor, minimal issue. Nonissue, actually. The team as a whole scored enough, and those guys you called out were still very good defensively.

Goalkeeping: Humongous, glaring issue. I get that you're a Leighton guy, but be realistic.

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