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07-26-2013, 09:38 PM
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Good deal for both parties and I think 2 years from now people will be saying "oh man that Wheeler is a steal at 5.6"

To the guy arguing that players like Wheeler shouldn't be making 5.6, well he's a first line winger on a kid range rich team, they can afford to overpay a bit here to attract more interest from others outside and in by locking up core members for good term and fair money.
If Wheeler was signed thru this season and headed to free agency, he be looking for around the term and money Clarkson/Horton got. On the top end of things, a team desperate for offence might be willing to give him 6 million per. He has scored at pace well within the realm of these type of comparables if you considered it as him going to ufa already.
I understand the worries about the lost time in hockey, but it's simple economics man, the demand for the product is high while the supply is low, and it seems no matter he amount of missed time, the fans keep coming back to spend more and more. Nothing you can do about it because you can't control the spending patterns of others. Just accept that we get to witness the best product of hockey entertainment on the earth.

If you feel so strongly about the situation. I challenge you to go thru the net whole season with not purchasing one NHL related product. If you can do so, than I'm willing to accept your opinion at higher value than the others who continue to fight this argument to death yet can't back up their words.

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