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Originally Posted by Le Golie View Post
It seems you consider yourself quite clever, but Wheeler was 15th in RW scoring during a full 2011-12 season and 9th in RW scoring last year.

At the very least, it's very strong evidence that Wheeler is an above average top line right winger.

Clearly you don't know much about this player or the league's economic climate.
I can be very clever, especially when I manage to keep from stating absolutes. My original comment was that this signing was a "Little North of reasonable", I'm not sure why this solicited such an aggressive response from so many.

Am I an expert on all things Blake Wheeler? No, but I'm aware of him. I find it can be a very easy exercise researching a single stat to support any argument, which is why I posted the quote from Mr. Baseball.

I am also willing to admit that studying the "league's economic climate" isn't entirely necessary when discussing the terms of recent NHL contracts. Let me tell you what I know so that you can correct my ignorance in your follow-up :

After years of fiscal mismanagement the Leagues owners decide to lockout the players not once, but twice in the last 10 years in an effort to curb financial freewheeling and bloated contracts. After a lengthy dispute with the Players Union in 2004, the league is successful in their bid to implement a new spending structure. It didn't take very long after the lockout for these same executives to identify loop-holes in the same legislation they enacted so that the spending could continue! Fast forward 8 years and we lose another 1/2 season so that ownership can get it right this time. Here we are less than a year later and guys like Blake Wheeler (yep, said it again) are being signed to contracts that should be reserved for players flirting with the term 'elite'.

That's my take on the League's economic climate.

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