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Originally Posted by DEVSTER View Post
All this talk about Barrie dropping further down in the standings for the 2013/14 season is really starting to make me wonder, is that relatively true? If we look at it on paper, things aren't looking too shabby. Better than I thought actually. Here is a rather nerdy explanation on what goes through my mind looking into the upcoming season.

Last season the Barrie Colts had an excellent run during the playoffs making it all the way to Game 7 of the OHL final. During the 2012 off season, I was a little bit suspect of how the colts would cope with losing their top 3 point leaders; Tanner Pearson, Colin Behenna and Ivan Telegin. Instead of falling in the standings, the Colts found a way to improve with the help of some acquisitions and key guys stepping up. The same goes with the 2013/14 season. I think that it has already been clarified that the colts will most likely trade for an offensive overage forward. I also expect players to double their point totals from the previous year. Josh Macdonald received 3rd/4th line ice time for the majority of the 2012 13 season and recorded 30 points in that time frame. I also have a feeling that Bradford will be much better this season too. Not to mention the signing of Kevin Labanc, which is an added bonus.

Here is a comparison of the top 10 point scorers for the colts during the 2011 12 season, and the 2012 13 season.

2011-12 season (Top 10 point scorers)

Player --- Points
T. Pearson - 91
C. Behenna - 74
I. Telegin - 64
M. Scheifele - 63
Z. Hall - 59.
S. Beyers - 51
R. O'Connor - 36
A. Camara - 33
D. Erlich - 31
A. Ekblad - 29

2012 13 season (Top 10 point scorers)

player --- points
Z. Hall -81
M. Scheifele -79
S. Beyers - 69
A. Athanasiou -67
A. Camara -60
M. Theoret -60
R. O'Connor -53A. Ekblad -34
E. Bradford -33
J. Macdonald -30

Looking from the outside in, a total of four top 10 players from the 2011 12 season did not return with the Colts for the 2012 13 season. The same case goes with the upcoming season for Barrie. Most likely, four players from the top 10 scoring race will not make an appearance with the colts for 2013 14. (M. Scheifele, S. Beyers, A. Camara and R. O'Connor) I understand that points don't mean everything, but they must mean at least something if they are the key to winning games.

Now to look at what we have here in the present time. Zach Hall, Mitchell Theoret, Andreas Athanasiou, Aaron Ekblad, and a few other good players isn't bad. But I have a feeling the colts will gain another
scorer, as does many other colts fans. How about Andrew Fritsch out of Ste. Marie? Or maybe Cameron Brace out of Owen Sound? That would for sure boost Barrie's offensive compete level.

This is just speculation, so please no haters on my prediction for the top 10 point scorers for the colts this upcoming year. Here is what I think:

2013 14 season (Top 10 point scorers)

Player --- Points

Z. Hall- (85-95
A. Athanasiou- (80-90
M. Theoret- (70-80
Acquisition- (60-75
J. Macdonald- (50-60
A. Ekblad- (45-60
E. Bradford- (45-60
K. Labanc- (35-45
B. Lemieux- (30-35
J. Dotchin- (25-30

When you look at it all from an offensive perspective, this year could be pretty similar to the past few. However, goaltending is an issue that I will not touch on. That will most likely be the difference maker in how the colts will respond. So yes, I expect a standings drop, but not a drastic one. Again, it's all speculation, there is nothing better to do at 3:00 in the morning than to write an essay on this.
Ok I agree with this 100%. I don't know why people are thinking the colts are going to be worse as well, if anything they might be better. In my opinion the colts with be at the top or near the top of the eastern conference next year for sure. I think they might even make the memorial and get some revenge on the stupid ass knights if we get lucky from some extra players like shore, kempe or even a top veteran with some ohl expieriemce fom the trade deadline. Just asking why are their knights fans on here do they realize basically the whole ohl is against them like screw off.

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