Thread: TSN 1260: What's going on? Part 3
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07-27-2013, 03:20 AM
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I believe Tencer based Inside Sports and Oilers post game regained some of the audience that Stafford lost to TEAM1260 during the Stafford era. I liked Tencer's show and the ratings were real strong.

I have probably enjoyed Lowetide's show the most over the past few months.

Honestly, we have real high quality programming here between CHED and the TEAM. Some guys are more critical of the Oilers than others, but they all offer something and have relevant guests.

CHED really could go anywhere with this INSIDE SPORTS hire and just a note that the hire doesn't automatically get the Oilers pregame and postgame gigs -- that could still be Tencer and unless they go with an outside hire, I believe it will be Tencer.

It could be Wilkens or Morley from the inside, Strudwick, Bryn?, Gregor owns his show so not sure there - would think he would need the Oilers gig with it to make it appealing enough even then he has a good thing going for himself and has created a good brand, Boomer from FAN960, Peter Hill from the old channel 10 Shaw Cable days, Daily Doug, Adil; the possibilities are endless.

Another thing to consider is that will Spec be allowed to remain on the TEAM since Bell (TSN owners) now own the station and could rebrand it TSN Radio?

Lots going on!

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