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07-27-2013, 07:20 AM
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Originally Posted by ottsabrefan View Post
He got that much because Kingston won the bidding war among five teams with Mahalak being the top goalie available this offseason.

I agree he was brutal last year but he was much better the years before, which resulted in him being drafted. I'm not sure which Mahalak will show up, but luckily for Kingston he is holding down an OA spot and they do have a lot of draft picks so it may not be terribly difficult to replace him if he does play like he did last year (i.e. how you described). Although, I'm sure they don't want to flush two 3rd rounders down the drain.
I really do not think he was much better the previous two years. Mahalak was backing up Wedgewood then, and wasn't playing much. When he did play, Matt looked uncomfortable in net, and the team played more conservatively to protect him. IMO, the only reason he was drafted was because it was Carolina (same team ownership, who sign a lot of ex-Whalers) and just a late round flyer pick.

You would have a difficult time finding any Whalers fan at the beginning of last season that was excited about Mahalak being the starting goalie.

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