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Originally Posted by Freudian View Post
It's a bit strange that Franson didn't choose arbitration since he was the Leafs player with most to win from it and most to lose from not choosing it.

For all the talk about Leafs having all the leverage here. I'm not sure they want to go to war and keep a young guy from playing in the league simply because they ran out of cap space after a spending spree. Sends terrible signals to players around the league. If they don't find a way to re-sign him, they have to trade him even if the return isn't what they want.
Because we've all seen that this affects teams from signing players. People said the same thing about burying contracts and how no free agents would ever sign there. Players look out for #1 and will go where the money is. In fact, if he gets a reputation of a player that his hard to sign, teams might not bother. He's not an elite player.

The Leafs do have all the leverage. He's not critical to the teams success and no one is going to offer him an offer sheet worth signing. He can sit at home and rot for all I care. In fact, if the Leafs do give in and trade him for less, then that might set a precedent that players can get their way by holding out. I think he didn't file for arbitration because he feared the Leafs would walk away from the number and while he is solid, he might not get a better number half way through the summer from someone else. For payers of his ilk, the Best way to get a good number is from the team you just played with as they are comfortable in what you have to offer playing in their system with their players.

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