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07-27-2013, 08:44 AM
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It's been two+ years and I believe we are not a draft and develop team.

In Y1, I couldn't understand why we didn't try to sign RFA Oduya (when he began playing well) and traded him for scraps. Then we kept older veteran Dmen like Stuart (who I like) and Hainsey who made far more money. I couldn't understand how we didn't trade our veterans for younger players or draft picks in the off season.

In Y2, we locked up Pavs and Enstrom to expensive long term deals. I don't think either were franchise players so I was puzzled. Then we signed Jokinen to a short term deal to improve our scoring in the short term (understandable). Our play didn't diminish but it didn't get that much better. At the deadline, we kept each UFA and stood pat hoping for the playoffs and it didn't happen. This was a massive blunder by Chevy.

So now in Y3, we traded draft selections for Frolik and Seto (a potential rental). We're locking up some of our RFA to long term contracts overpaying them and also knowing full well that their contracts are guaranteed over the long term.

This is becoming problematic. The Winnipeg Jets inherited an Atlanta franchise that was around .500. We scraped by the last two+ years with a .500 record in one of the worst divisions in the league. We are moving to one of the toughest divisions. So, Why are we handing out long term deals to players on a losing hockey club? 16 teams go to the playoffs each year and we haven't been one of them. Why are we locking up players to franchise like deals? Pavs is a below average goaltender - Are we buying him out next year if his GAA and Save% are still garbage? Enstrom has been injury prone - is he being bought out if he's injured more this year? These two were just signed, we'd be throwing away money.

I don't like this approach. Ladd is now dramatically underpaid and he'll want a contract extension very soon (likely in excess of 6M). Some will say not to worry because we just won't pay Seto (he'll be a rental) and/or Jokinen next year. Burmi for better or worse better stay in the KHL because we don't have the money to pay him if he were to return (we'd be over the cap). That's not draft and develop.

Draft and develop means moving older players for younger less developed talent. We are not and have not been doing that. We're drafting no different than any other team. We're also not stockpiling picks. We're going to get old very fast. We're also not in a position to even look at an UFA right now. We are getting closer to cap ruin and we may not be any closer to the playoffs. I guess I'm praying we get a lot better very quickly or else this experiment will fall on it's face just as quickly.

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