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Originally Posted by Newfy IceCapd View Post
As an outsider looking in, what do habs fan expect from this draft? Like in a honest opinion where do you see this players toping out? 2nd liners? Top 2 top 4. The obvious one is Gally, he is going to be a stud
Since it's only been a year, it's still early so hard to say how this draft class will shake out. So far though it's looking good as several had impressive seasons.

Galchenyuk- There's no telling just how good he will end up. He has it all and if he learns how to put it together in the coming years he could end up being one of the top players in the NHL. It's going to be very interesting to see just how good he can be down the road. For now his upside is sky high as he has almost everything you would want in a hockey player.

Collberg- I can admit I like him more then most around here, I think his upside is very high as I like his skill level mixed with speed/skating/shot. If he's not a 1st line winger he stands a good shot at being a top 6 winger imo. Granted you never know how a prospect will adjust to the smaller ice and more physical game but in a few years I think he could be a very fun player to watch for the Habs.

Thrower- I also am likely higher on Thrower then most around here. I still don't have a great feel for him yet but if he turns pro I'll get to see him a ton. Personally I think that he has the intangibles that you want in a hockey player come playoff time, although I thought he really struggled in the playoffs this past season. That said he's physical and plays with an edge to his game that I think the Habs really need. If he can work on is defensive zone issues, I think he could end up a solid NHLer one day but we'll see how he responds to last seasons difficulties. I've seen several posters here say how terrible he was this past season but I don't agree as in the games I saw he usually showed something interesting along with concerns about his decision making with the puck in his own end. Hopefully someone in the organization can work with him to get him going as I think he has a solid mix of skill, grit and toughness.

Bozon- I like what I saw from him, although he's going to have to get stronger and more involved in the play imo. It's going to be very interesting to see how he adjusts to the AHL after next season as he's a bit of a sniper and he knows where to be on the ice to score but how well his game translates is a bigger question to me. If all goes well for him I do think he has top 6 upside but will need to round out the rest of his game and hopefully find a way to get his nose dirty more often.

Vail- I don't have as good of a read on Vail as I do the others, he seems to be a solid two way player but he will need to fill out a good bit and get stronger. I see his upside more as a top 9 forward.

Hudon- Big Hudon fan, just a fun player to watch as he knows how to make things happen in the offensive zone. I like that he's a hard working player although I do have major concerns about his lack of size/strength and injury woes. That said he really impressed me in Hamilton and I can't wait to see him there full time after next season. I think he actually has 1st line upside, as I think he's highly skilled and can be very dangerous but that's only if he can find a way to overcome his lack of physical abilities. Collberg and Hudon are 2 of the Habs prospects that I look forward to following the most.

Nystrom- I haven't seen much of him yet and not sure if he ever comes over or if he does where he upside would be so my guess is more of a bottom 6 winger.

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