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07-27-2013, 09:26 AM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
You act as though those players weren't counted to shut down other lines. They were tasked with that in the other series as well. Shut down best players and generate offense. That role didn't change in the Finals and it is ridiculous to say that it did. All of the sudden Mike Richards, your leading scorer in the playoffs, his offense is not needed? Give me a break. Yes, he was responsible for shutting down Toews, and he did that. But he still was counted on to generate offense. And again, you have understand that I am 100%, unequivocally, NOT saying that Richards, Carter, and Gagne are the ONLY reason they lost. They were part of it, and if they played better offensively, you cannot legitimately sit there and say it would not have had the same impact as improved goaltending. It's not like I am asking for much...shouldn't your leading scorer score points? Shouldn't your second leading scorer in the regular season, who scored five points in the first six games he played in the post season, be expected to deliver? This isn't some outlandish statement. There were a number of reasons the team lost. To win the Cup, pretty much everyone has to play to their limits, and most especially your best players have to (or at least the players you rely on most have to).
Everyone would agree that if Richards, Carter and Gagne put up more points the Flyers could have won it all. I think the point Beef is trying to make is that the offense as a whole didn't have to be better as they put up enough goals to win if they had had a decent goalie. So if someone asked you to identify one reason the Flyers lost you'd have to say goaltending IMO even if it's not that simple. Honestly though it's never that simple when dissecting a loss.

Btw you called Richards the leading scorer in the playoffs but I'm pretty sure at least Briere had more points then Richie going into the finals.

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