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07-27-2013, 09:40 AM
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Originally Posted by FlyersFan61290 View Post
Everyone would agree that if Richards, Carter and Gagne put up more points the Flyers could have won it all. I think the point Beef is trying to make is that the offense as a whole didn't have to be better as they put up enough goals to win if they had had a decent goalie. So if someone asked you to identify one reason the Flyers lost you'd have to say goaltending IMO even if it's not that simple. Honestly though it's never that simple when dissecting a loss.
Well sure goaltending is the first thing that comes to mind (it usually does in a loss). And it certainly was part of the problem. But as I said form the beginning, it is just as likely that improved play from those three would have had the same impact as improved play from the goaltending position. And once again, it is not too much to ask that your two top offensive players on your team actually produce as such (even if the rest of the team picks up the slack). This is the Cup Finals. If your best offensive players aren't producing, you won't win.

Btw you called Richards the leading scorer in the playoffs but I'm pretty sure at least Briere had more points then Richie going into the finals.
Mike Richards: 21 points heading into the Finals
Danny Briere: 18 points heading into the Finals

Briere had 12 points in the Finals to Richards 2 points.

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