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07-27-2013, 10:31 AM
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I still have not made my decision regarding university, and I start it this fall.

The problem is that I want to go in health sciences, but I did not take one of the two biology classes that are required at CÉGEP because initially I wanted to go in engineering. I thought of doing biomed engineering at Polytechnique, but well, not ready to live on my own. So now I don't really know what do to because I'd like to try to get into medicine or pharmacy in a few (1 to 3) years if possible.

I thought of doing either chemistry engineering or any other kind of engineering at ULaval and adding this bio class I'm missing to my schedule, but I'm wondering if that would be just too much workload. :\

Also, anyone knows what grades I should need at university in such a program (engineering) to get into medicine when my Cote R "only" is 32.2 (blame myself for never studying in the first three semesters at CÉGEP ) ?


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