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Originally Posted by 1 Timer View Post
I have been wareing bauer vapor 20's for 10+ years now. And its the best pair of skates I have had since my old 1000's. Well its time. I was wondering if I should switch to Graf. Older players like me love them any thoughts.
To start with, I'd agree with air in sticking with vapor and checking out the newer lines...probably staying away from the current top 2 models (apx2/x100) as they have the newer curv composite construction which doesn't sound like would fit your preferences. Maybe start with the x90 or previous gen x7.0, if you can find them, as they're basically the same as the top line x60 from a few years back and are essentially what pros are wearing who do not like the curv-based skates.

Sounds like you prefer that old "more ankle freedom" feel. If that's the case, maybe check to see if Easton's Mako's fit as they were designed for greater range of motion in the ankles.

I do generally tend to agree with Air in that Graf guys tend to be loyalists...I'm probably the exception to the rule as the g35's I currently wear are simply the best fitting boots I've found for my feet, but liked the x60's I wore for a few seasons just fine as well...the grafs just happened to fit me slightly better.

But it won't hurt to try. Aren't you a LI guy? If so, I think plaza sports(don't recall which one) supposedly has a pretty good selection of Graf (I think one of the Ferraro brothers worked out of there and he was a rep for Graf for a while). Then there's also west side s&s in the city who is known for their graf selection. Good luck!

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