Thread: Speculation: Would preds ever trade Weber
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07-27-2013, 11:24 AM
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Originally Posted by ThirdManIn View Post
Flyers were close, but that was before Nashville paid out 24% of a massive contract to him. He will be one of the biggest bargain players in the entire league in a couple of seasons. Between the money already paid out, his value to the team and his incredible talent it would take a massive return.

I think either of Crosby or Malkin would get the ball rolling. Stamkos is another. Tavares would be a good starting point, but I think Poile would want more (NYI would probably hang up). After that you're talking about gutting a team to bring in a single player. I know Gretzky was traded, but the circumstances behind that are completely different than the circumstances in Nashville.
I do not mean this to be a personal attack, but I am sick of hearing about the massive frontload payout. Any player or package that would entice this team to trade Weber would likely include a player who received a signing bonus as well. For example if Liarpold suddenly developed dementia and offered Parise and Suter for Weber there signing bonuses combined dwarf what Weber was paid.

The simple answer is that yes Weber could be traded but the price right now would be enormous. If a package was offered that made the team a cup contender immediately he would be moved. The additional monies from a cup run in ticket sales alone would offset the frontloaded payments made. Not just the additional playoffgames but the increase in regular season tickets, remember in all these so called sell outs of the past couple years there were an average of 1900 comp tickets per game. This is not meant to start a attendance *****fight but top point out what would happen if the team did hoist the cup. No one player is untradeable, there are many here that just have unrealistic values of players on this team and players they would want on the team.

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