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01-11-2004, 09:56 AM
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Originally Posted by punchy1
I have been going on about AM and the way he "uses" Frolov. Dave said that AM has had "success" with him playing on the defencive lines and in those roles and is scoring with players like Bellanger and the like. I can only say that if I were Dave Taylor (god help us all) that I would have to sit Andy down and straight out ask him WHY he uses Frolov in that manner when the lad has more than proven himself capable of being able to add great skill to our absolutely worst PP in forever and that if the kid IS (and he is) producing with our "energy" types, then why not REWARD his efforts?
I also would like to see AM "reward" Frolov for his good play and development. But I guess one of three things is happening: 1.) AM considers PK time a "reward"; 2.) because Frolov's style around the net is so much like Luc's, it would be wrong to have them both on the #1 PP; or maybe Frolov is not working as hard in practice as AM thinks he should.

I'm sure AM is aware of the fan frustrations and has his reasons for using Frolov in that manner. I agree that Frolov deserves a "reward" of PP time, but until I hear AM's reasons for not doing so, I'll withhold my judgement. Remember, Belanger was terrible defensively and was put on the PK and defensive line while in the minors to force him to play better defense. Maybe AM is trying to teach Frolov defense because he knows the offense is there.

I don't think DT would just flat out go to AM and demand he play Frolov. That's just not the type of GM DT is and AM is too good of a coach to try to pull that kind of a powerplay (pun intended).

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