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07-27-2013, 11:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Lapa View Post
So I'm thinking of buying Civilization V. I've played Civ IV and it's great.

It should work with minimum settings on my laptop, so I'm wondering a few things..

Will it be playable on minimum settings?
Compared to Civ IV, what's different?

I can't tell you anything about what the minimum settings... but the game is beautiful on max settings

The biggest thing that is different is no tile stacking. Only one military unit per tile (a non-military unit like a settler or worker can be on the same tile as a military unit)

also, the grid is hexagonal tiles now, makes things a little different.

You can purchase tiles for your cities instead of waiting for cultural expansion (which is only 1 tile at a time, rather than steadily expanding

If you get the game, i highly reccomend the gods & kings expansion. It adds religion and just seems to clean up the AI in general.

All in all it's a really fun game... Since i first played civ 3 it's been one of my favorite franchises.

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