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01-11-2004, 08:57 AM
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Originally Posted by #37-#93-#27
Do you see any pitchers available that fit the bill?

This is not a ONE YEAR PLAN this is a two year plan as JD has repeatadly said. They only want to be in contention this season and don't expect much more.

They are not pushing to sign a 33 year old, 100 pounds over weight colon to a 4 year deal.

I did not want Colon.

What kind of message does it send to your fans when Miguel Batista is deemed too expensive? What kind of message does it send when Roger Cedeno, Timo Perez or Raul Gonzalez is going to play RF?

And I don't care what Duquette or Wilpon say. They have been talking out of their ear the entire off season. They look at the Cubs as a model of the kind of turn around they believe the Mets can have. Yet there is not a Sammy Sosa, Kerry Wood or Mark Prior on this team.

Whether it is a 1,2 or 3 year plan signing Guerrero fits the bill for what they are trying to do. So what if he would be 32 when the deal is up. The deal is up at that point. And I just don't believe that 32 is old in this day and age anymore.

And an investment in Vlad is more than an investment on the field. He is a money maker. People would come to see him play. Between Matsui and Vlad, the Mets would draw interest from Japanese and Dominican fans alike. That is a huge market to attract in New York.

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