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To be honest, I think MCAT is perhaps more of a hassle than a boon, if Laval is your dream med school, and I think no one at Laval will tell you, anything about the MCAT. Plus, if you elect to take the MCAT anyway, pay attention at when you intend to take the MCAT, since there is the version available until late 2014 (which contains about 1/3 biology, 1/6 chemistry, 1/6 physics, 1/3 logic and reading comprehension, according to the only one in my physics cohort that took it; never told me how much he got) and the "2015 MCAT", if you think it is better to wait until 2015 to take it.

A "2015 MCAT" that will add a section that covers medical sociology, psychology (especially behavioral psychology) and de-emphasize physics a little, and it will no longer be a 5-hour test, but a 7-hour test.

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I don't really know how MCAT works to be honest.

Obviously my first choice for med school would be ULaval. Just to put numbers on these, what grades should I need at university for the 3 others med schools than besides McGill ? 85%? 90%? Or does it depend on the program I'm in ?
It does depend on the program, and it is best to complete the degree in full (or to be in the final year of that degree program)... ChemE at Laval not being impacted, it will likely ask you for an insanely high GPA. Unlike, say, physical therapy because the one I know that got into Laval for med school after attending university for a time had a GPA like 3.9 after one year in physical therapy. But, as I said, a 3.8+ GPA is the norm for Laval, from programs considered to be at least as hard as ChemE.

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