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Originally Posted by buddahsmoka1 View Post
I am just curious why. I did my first two years in a college down the street from my parents house. But I mostly choose that route because my grades from HS were abysmal.
I found high school a joke and cegep a waste in Quebec. You aren't from here so it's a little different but I maintain that. Never cared about marks because it sucked and any high school or cegep was same thing really.

Originally Posted by buddahsmoka1 View Post
It's a problem because you are limiting yourself to one faculty, which may not be strong, or one school, which may be a generally poorer university overall.

It's also far from a guarantee that you will be admitted. Better to spread your odds out.

I knew I wanted to go to Montreal to finish my degree. I didn't really want to go to Concordia, but I applied there anyways. But I got lucky and go into my first choice. But it could have easily not happened either, I was originally on the wait list. I also applied to other universities outside of Montreal.

Better to cast a larger net and see what you catch. Especially when undergrad applications require little to no effort to do.

I loathe next year when I have to put out 15 PhD applications.
If the guy has a good R score like he said, he should get into engineering or whatever with relative ease.

FWIW, I applied to one cegep and one university. I never ever had to worry about it and my marks were the same as you said, abysmal. Was it a risky move? Probably but I wasn't going to go to McGill for engineering anyway and cegep was a joke to get into.

Should one limit themselves? Obviously not but sometimes the risk reward isn't worth it. I think for specific faculties your preference for school reputation may apply. In montreal, people at ETS, Poly and Concordia all get same jobs in engineering really because we're all undergrads. At levels beyond in the masters and PhD range you take what you can get obviously but reputation for facilities for research and personnel play a bigger role.

I'm not disputing your logic but it's obviously a different perspective for you as you're past the undergrad level.

Anyway, good look for your applications when the time comes!

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