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Originally Posted by Zaide View Post
I plan on calling at ULaval too on Monday. I hope they can answer my questions and guide me through this.

The problem with me is that in my first semester at CÉGEP, I wanted to go in health sciences, then the second and third one, I wanted to go in Engineering, then in my last one, last spring, I wanted to go in health sciences again, but I had chosen Advanced Calc instead of Bio II, which now appears to be a bad decision. If I had taken it, I'd probably have done a few years in biomedical sciences, but I can't because of that Bio class.
When you have 3-4 years of school, a couple classes won't make a dif. You can always do Biology class then apply to the program of interest afterwards.

Also, FWIW, all Engineering options usually start pretty similar with math classes, programming and stuff like that. So if you do decide to go into engineering, don't be shy to enter a field and change it. I spent 2 years in mechanical engineering and switched into industrial but I had known I was going to switch and in doing so, I continued all my classes except mechanical ones. I advanced my degree anyway. You could always do that. Don't underestimate the flexibility you'll have. Things change and you don't always need to know your exact plan from day 1. It's just important to feel you are going in the right direction.

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