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Originally Posted by CaptainIginla View Post
I can only tell you for ULaval as it is the only one giving full infos about applications!
First it depends on what kind of engineering? With most of them (but not all) yes he would be invited to the interviews at ULaval (if he finished his bacc)
is it 3,75/4,00 (mcgill?)
or 3,75/4,33?
because if its 3,75/4,00 at ULaval they simply do "produit croisé" to get your grades on 4,33 (which I think is unfair) so it would mean he has 4,05/4,33 so he would for sure be invited

here is the table they use to convert the cotes in for the 2013 applications, you can check all programs and what your grades get you as a cote as you can see 3,67 in engineering wouldnt be enough but 4,00 yes, you would need to do the maths for 3,75 =P

(you need 32,00+ as an universitaire to be invited to MEMS AT ULAVAL but the mean of universitaires invited is at more than 33,00 (dont recall exactly it could be 33,5 or 34, it is for sure way more than 32 so to be competitive its better you get more)
also, keep in mind that 32 at ulaval is like a 34+ cote at most other universities
they have their own way of converting gpas/grades

edit: dont know if Im clear... way easier to talk hockey in english than school!
3.75 on 4.3. He had 3.8 last I checked but stopped caring lol

I doubt they do math to get you on 4.33. I believe they just count your A+ as 4.3(or 4.33) and recalculate no? That's what I read for putting it from 4.3 to 4. So in some cases, it may not change.

BTW, how do the calculations work for that table? If anyone knows that would be cool. Just curious where they even got the index numbers all that.

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