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Originally Posted by Bon Esprit View Post
I said it in the other thread and here's no offence intended. No way a major DEL team like Cologne, Mannheim or Düsseldorf will jump leagues as long as a major league in Germany exists. Smaller markets (Bavaria or BW) have their rivalries. They don't care about Moscow or Kazan.The money part aside.
Markets with less tradition like Hamburg, Munich etc might try but fail.
Hockey in Germany is a niche sports. It's not like anyone outside a very small group even knows who Kovalchuck even is.
Although hockey is far away from football's popularity, DEL has very good spectator numbers and the league is actually among the ones with best attandance in all of Europe + ice hockey is the second biggest sports by attendance in Germany.

I am sure if a team from Munich would try KHL they would get a lot of attention. If they failed then not because nobody cared but because of bad management.

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