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Originally Posted by SuperAlpha View Post
scoring winger, LW.

As an outside observer, I find the structure of ball hockey much more fluid than ice hockey. You cant tell whose who, and the fact that there's no coaching staff, defined gameplan for players is a factor that allows you to incorporate a lot of intrepretation into your learn on the fly. Still, the basics are the same, you need to be smart, fit, talented(duh) and having a good grasp of the game.
so based on this if you want to be a sniper I recommend using a smaller ball to get a good grasp on stick handling (golf ball as said before) but to get a real good feel for shooting you have to practice shooting. I used a ball even lighter than that of the average hockey ball as the lighter they are the more difficult it is to have a hard, accurate shot. I've used wiffle balls to work on the accuracy aspect. and don't just shoot on the net, put obstacles (to resemble defenders) and such in front to simulate what you would see after you catch a pass.

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