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01-11-2004, 10:14 AM
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Straiff mate, powerplay puns in a powerplay post, pisser.

I agree with your position on the bit where you say that until you hear Am's reasons you will with hold your judgement. I get a bit too emotional on the Frolov issue as I know he has the skills and we are always begging for another top line scoring threat and we have one that isn't being used properly by my take on our own team.

To address your positions...(or give it a shot anyway as I don't actually know what I am talking about)

IF AM is trying to teach Frolov defence then when has he proven he has learned it? He has lead our team other than Ziggy in +/- and been one of our best defencive forwards since he started with us. I would say that he has it pretty well down.

If the PK is a reward then I would agree with you, if we were talking about a defencive player like say Avery. If I were seeing Avery on the PK then I would say brilliant (had he earned it), that is how you reward a young defencive player, put him out on the PK showing you trust his defencive judgement. Since Frolov is an offencive player, the PP is the spot where he can score more points and thus hit his bonuses and make a real name for his self. I feel, that if he were one of our top six options for the entire season on the PP like every other player at his spot scoring at his clip is (go and have a peek at the espn stats for scoring, Frolov will amaze you all things considered) that he would have another 6 or 7 points or so more. (arbitrary but call it an educated guess) He isn't being used that way so it isn't happening.

Frolov is tied for second (with a few lads) in the league in PK points at 3. (two shorties and a helper) He and Ziggy are right scarry together there. Why wouldn't AM or anyone else think that the two of them wouldn't be magic on the PP?

I agree that having Luc and Frolov out at the same time would be a mistake as Luc is the lad who I would chose between the two on the PP at left wing all things considered. But, Frolov is NEVER considered or bloody well only as an afterthought, thats my issue.

I also would have to conceed to you on the practice issue. I have no idea how he practices. I can only say that when I did get to watch him he looked like he were working hard as anyone but, that were awhile ago and I have no idea now. I know that I have heard nothing to make me think he is dogging it and with the network we have available to us and our teams habbit of open practice I would have to believe that we would have heard something by now.

I believe in AM as a coach. I believe in his system as a sound x and o way to play the game. He actually, as I have written before, sat down with me at the starbucks at the Ralphs across from the hotel by the rink and talked about the Kings and hockey with me for the better part of an hour and I believe he is passionate and absolutely consumed with our success. I also see him as a great and personally uneffected man who is a fan of the fans.

All of those things aside, I am starting to be a bit critical of some of his coaching decisions. I am no expert though and happy that the experts make the calls, I just am a fan who has some questions.

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