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For the past couple days I've been watching Otters' games from this past season, obviously keeping a close eye on Crisp. As someone who did not like the pick AT ALL, I've really started warming up to it as he potentially fills a huge need in the organization.

Crisp has a big frame that he's already filled out quite a bit at 6'4" 225 lbs. In the games I watched, he was simply immovable from the front of the net. Defenders would attempt to move him and bounce off, or they'd just let him have the front of the net without much of a battle. Now being strong in front of the net is almost useless if you don't know how to score goals by tipping pucks and banging away. Crisp does both and does them extremely well. His ability to tip pucks is fantastic. Nearly every goal that I saw him score was a deflection. Not only can he tip pucks close to the net, but in the high slot, too. Crisp has a soft touch and some pretty quick hands around the crease.

Crisp is also a very good defensive player. He backchecks with lots of intensity and doesn't shy away from blocking shots. He's very efficient at getting pucks out his own zone as he battles hard and doesn't waste any time moving the puck up the ice. However, I'd really like to see him hit more often. He does play the body, but he needs to get in on the forecheck harder and throw his weight around with more regularity.

Puck skills are where Crisp needs some serious work. He does have a soft touch around the crease, but I don't recall seeing him beat anyone in a one-on-one situation with his hands. His passing also needs work, although sometimes he did make very smart passes. His shot has a surprising amount of torque behind it (more than I remember in previous viewings) but his release is sluggish and his accuracy is poor. Skating is another area that needs improvement as Crisp is lumbering and often behind the play. Technique-wise, I find him pretty good, but his speed, explosiveness, and agility all need lots of work.

One thing that I really like about Crisp's game is that he's always making an impact. No matter which line he's on, who he's facing, or what the score is, he continually involves himself in the play. He'll throw a hit, stand in front of the net, drop the mitts, cycle down low, backcheck, block shots, etc. Essentially everything you want a role player to do. Simply put, he has terrific work ethic and a desire to win.

Enough talking, here's some footage:

Didn't realize he was that big.

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