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07-27-2013, 08:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Winger98 View Post
He's struck out something like 31 guys in his last eight games. Still, I'm not sure his velocity is down, and his peripherals have been good for most of the season. What I've been hearing talk about is release point, and that his mechanics are just off. And watching the guy, he seems to be falling off the mound more on his follow through.
Not all arm injuries / fatigue cause velocity to drop, I don't think. And his velocity was definitely down earlier in the year. One way or the other he's off, and I hope they get him straightened out. Whether that's fixing his mechanics or giving him a breather.

It's incredible but Verlander might be putting himself into Lincecum territory. Hey, it worked for the Giants last year, but man...could he possibly be in the pen if they go to a 3 man rotation in the playoffs?

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