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Originally Posted by CanucksSayEh View Post
Don't get too fancy, everyone can stop on a dime in sneakers. Not much room for dangles in ball hockey.
I second this motion.

Ignoring the level at which NHL is played, you simply can't do as much in ball hockey as you can in ice hockey, in many ways.

Distancing yourself is difficult in ball hockey. As is dangling (the difficulty isn't much different) but what you receive from doing it is.

Active stick is even more important in ball hockey if you ask me. You're rarely ever dead to rights in ball hockey, you can always recover.

I'd say all of the ideas you've been given here are great, just make sure to remember in practice to be much more simple. I might be alone in this, but I have a huge ego when it comes to ball hockey and think I can walk through the whole team. You look like a hero the 100th you try it and succeed, but you're a donkey the other 99 times.

How much work can you body take? If you're trying to become serious about it, I would suggest trying HIIT. The agility would pay off exponentially.
This is all assuming you work on other obvious hockey skills. I'm more so talking about skills that are unique to ball hockey.


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