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Originally Posted by MuzikMachine View Post
The problem is which team? The Mountain Time Zone teams are currently split up with Colorado in the Central Division and Phoenix, Edmonton & Calgary in the Pacific. Assuming both Portland and Seattle got expansion temas you'd have to move more teams from the Pacific to Central, you have a few unatractive scenarios:
  • split up Edmonotn & Calgary - no way either team would agree to that
  • move both Edmonton & Calgary - maybe, but the Oilers & Flames want to be in the same division as the Canucks so probably a no go; plus now the Central has more teams than the Pacific
  • move Phoenix to Central - how badly would they want to be near the California teams? Plus Phoenix doesn't observe Daylight Savings Time so it's effectively two time zones from the CTZ during the start of the season and the playoffs
Putting the Coyotes in the Central would make almost no difference. It would affect about 8 games in the scheduling. The Coyotes currently play 29 games against Pacific opponents and 21 games against the Central. They are only on "Pacific Time" during the season for about 30 games. In the playoffs they could meet any team in the west due to the ridiculous wild card system.

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