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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Nice hatchet job. Is a franchise leading 27 career leading short handed goals "one dimensional"? Coming out of Junior, your talking about a player who racked up 435 points in 273 games, 171 of which were goals. Back then when Drafted by the Habs you apprenticed, Guy learning the defensive game in Nova Scotia, finishing school with the big club.
Part of this is true but it's also true that many players racked up huge points in the Q whenguy was there.

He potentially couldve become a sort of next Guy Lafleur, had the wheels, the soft hands & hockey IQ to do so, but he decided to become the next Bob Gainey instead, putting team first.
I admire your passion but could have been the next guy Lafleur? Come on now.

That's a huge stretch with little to support it iMO.

In 20 post season games, in addition to shutting down the big guns, always out there on 5-4 or 5-3's, scores 7X's for 12pts in total, a not unimpressive stat.
Let's also put it into context as he wasn't a lone wolf out there in terms of defensive play.

Bob Gainey was still a very serviceable 32. On the back end some guy named Larry (34) still patrolled and another young upstart named Chris (24) wasn't have bad himself.

Oh ya some guy named Patrick was starting his legacy of possibly being the best playoff goalie of all time as well.

2X Selke runner-up, 3X winner. Then theres the "ex-Hab Factor" in Dallas in 1999. Gainey & Carbonneau etc. Heres what Mike Modano had to say about that;

Theres a lasting effect on people who learned how to play the game for the old Montreal Canadiens teams. Theres the tradition of winning, attitude. It carries over wherever they go. It gets in your blood and it trickles down to everyone else around them. The experience, the values theyve learned rub off on you. How to be unselfish, to be patient, to play with passion....
No doubt Guy provided leadership to that team but let's not exaggerate his role on that Dallas team winning the SC either here.

In terms of actual importance and value and contribution to that Dallas team winning the SC is there even a reasonable argument for Guy being the 10th most important factor or player on that team?

Guy Carbonneau belongs, has earned his place in the HHOF. Dastyuk for sure has, Toews well on his way to getting there.
My bet is that the other 2 guys get in and guy needs to buy a ticket a very good player he was but the HHOF should be a special place.

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