Thread: Player Discussion: Team better off without Kovalchuk?
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07-28-2013, 12:45 AM
No more status quo?!
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They didn't do any worse either ...and the Thrashers the following year didn't do any worse either...they won 35 games in his last full year...35 games in a half year without him and 34 games in a full year without him ....where is the impact? 37 wins last year for Winnipeg is more than Atlanta has had in 5 years and 24 wins in 48 games just as good....
Now you're changing your argument. First it was they got better and are in better shape now, next it's well they were bad then and bad now so what's the difference? You can't say someone had negative impact and no impact at the same time. By the latter standard it's pretty much impossible for the Jets to be worse than the Atlanta tenure, but hey let's ignore the fact they had a joke of a GM for ten years and finally put Waddell out to pasture only after the Russian merc was traded.

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