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Originally Posted by Grant McCagg View Post

I'm not saying he'll be in the lineup next year, but I'm also not dismissing it. In the salary cap world and with UFA starting in a player's mid 20's, the sooner a drafted player is ready for NHL duty, the better it is for the NHL team. ELC contracts allow teams to have more cap flexibility. I'm sure Bergevin will ponder the possibility of replacing Gionta with McCarron next season (or someone else such as Moen if Gio is already gone), and having an extra $4 million or so to use towards plugging another hole. The forward unit would almost gain a foot in height in one move.
Finally a credible source who says something I have been droning on about the last three months: The NHL is getting younger, and top picks must contribute very quickly.

I never said that I liked it. Or that there are not important exceptions. But it is a reality.

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