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07-28-2013, 09:54 AM
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Originally Posted by NFITO View Post
I always laugh when you refer to the Canucks as "our" team, since you spew more hate on everything Canucks than even the trolls that constantly trash on the team!

Gillis absolutely did the right thing by dealing Hodgson. I say that as a fan who loves his "team" more than any one player. Hodgson was a guy who wanted out. His teammates even lost respect for him (note the taping of the "C" on his jersey by his teammates, referring to a rookie who was acting like he deserved special treatment). He was not happy in Vancouver, his parents interferred with his role there, making demands on how he should be played, and he simply didn't want to go through the same development cycle that ALL Canucks have gone through with this team. Kesler was brought along as a 4th liner in his rookie year, the Sedins played a 3rd line role for their first few years in Vancouver, and yet Hodgson felt he was entitled to more - or maybe his father or agent felt he was entitled to more, and demanded it from the team. The situation was so ridiculous that even his own teammates saw the divide. Anyone who cares more about their team than any one player would want to get rid of any player that puts themselves above the team, and Hodgson (and his family, agent, etc) did just that.

What kind of fan of the actual "team" and again not a specific player, would blame the GM for moving a guy like that out? IMO, only a "fan" who continually trashes on his-supposed team constantly.

And Gillis is no where near being canned. That's just wishful thinking on your part.

As far as Hodgson is concerned, good for him to find a fit in Buffalo. I'm sure he's very happy there, being close to family and getting a big role on a rebuilding/developing team, instead of having to pay his dues on a contender, like everyone else on this team has done.
Thank you. Spot on every point.

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