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07-28-2013, 10:03 AM
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Originally Posted by tijuana knuckles View Post
It cracks me up the people who say " I am just playing for exercise.". What a cop-out. The just go play drop-in or over 40. If you play in a league that = competition. It is not fair to your teammates if you are not trying to win. It is not fair to your teammates if you do not have the drive to compete. You pay the $$ for the right to be part of a team, and all that comes with being part of a team with a common goal, it should be fun and equal ice is fine but don't give me the lame cop-out " I'm just playing to get exercise because if exercise were what you were looking for there are many cheaper and quicker ways to get exercise.
I totally agree. Play hard and play to win or get off the ice and play shinny or open hockey instead. A lot of guys that don't get it are young, coming out of college/club etc. Give it time. If you still don't get it check to see if u have a pair.

A game is a game. Two guys with different jerseys battling for a puck. If you aren't trying 100% that's your problem.

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