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Originally Posted by Tormentor View Post
I'm starting to repeat myself quite badly, but I'll make one final comment on the players you listed above. Komarov will likely be there if in good shape and Pihlström could make a fairly decent utility player, but there are still some question marks with the other players you listed. Hartikainen and Petrell have never even played at men's World Championship's and it's unclear what kind of success they'll find with their new teams. Joensuu might be sitting in the press-box for half of the upcoming season and playing 6 to 8 minutes a night for the other half. Bergeinheim played 2 games last season and is returning from a groin injury.
A grinder's ability to play is not so form-dependent as someone's who mans a scoring role. While the latter either find the net or surf frustratingly outside the game, the former rarely need nothing more than be able to skate once they've proven their mettle.

Komarov, Pihlström and Joensuu have quite done so on NT stage. Petrell has played a full season's worth of NHL hockey in the very role. Bergenheim has both credentials. This means that the only one with somewhat unknown qualities out of them is Hartikainen. But if the rest are healthy and playing at least somewhat regularly, it means they're very well good enough to execute a grinder role in Sochi.

Of course, if one demands more of them than just that, then it won't be as simple. But very few will do.

Originally Posted by loudis View Post
I love Kimelman's defense. Time to let Karalahti,Väänänen,Kukkonen,... go. I see Timonen Salo Pitkänen Lydman & Vatanen being in the team already but we need 2 more. We have Määttä who can handle his own end,has size 6'2 (188cm) and 205 pounds (93kg), his skating is great and has also great hands, shot and vision.

Ristolainen is also sized 6'4 and 224 pound, has hands, vision, shot, and boy he can skate. I know some of you guys are thinking ''oh boy no way'' ''what he's like 18 yo and you are considering him to the olympics.''
but i think his game is very mature and has alredy the biggest body of team finland.

Sothsi? is played on big ice. That means opponents having more time and space. That's why we need dmen who can skate. Väänänen and the other old farts just arent capable of keeping up with fast guys which we are going to face.
I love our young guys as much as the next man and truly believe they're going to be great NT assets one day, but no way no how is Määttä, who still will spend most of his time in the CHL to make it from there.

I can however see the growing case for Ristolainen (even though he's, ironically, younger than Määttä). A meager chance to break a NHL roster from get-go, or at least a good shot to prove to be AHL elite. Boy do I hope everything would go to plan with him.

But even if it doesn't... I take heavy offense towards the fact that you call guys like Väänänen and Kukkonen old. They may be skilless hacks with no hockey vision (or at least one of them is), but they're not old. They're 32 and 31 years of age, which doesn't make them old even by hockey player standards. Now, I can see the case for ousting Kukkonen because he's helped make nitro retailers very happy for the past five years or so, but Väänänen has still been nothing but reliable. He's good enough and should have a very fair shot of making it.

And even if you do figure that there're better options, thou shall find a better argument for ousting them than calling them "old farts" and "slow", because they're anything but.

Okay brat, now bring grampa's cane over here so I can whip you to oblivion...

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