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07-28-2013, 04:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Frank Booth23 View Post
The answer is:IDK what planet you live on, but the planet I live on is where when THREE of your brothers are in the same organization, you naturally want to go play with them.

Oh, wait, wait. Marc "hates" Eric for giving him a concussion. Did he say that? The answer is no.

You may see a straight up trade like Skinner for Marc to get him early. But I'll eat my hat if we see Rutherford gutting a team that desperately needs everyone it already has to get him.
I think you meant to say "Yes, what I'm saying is based entirely on speculation and personal opinion, and Marc has never said he wants out of NY to play in Carolina."

No one besides Marc Staal knows where he wants to take his career, or how heavily his brothers playing together weighs on what he wants to do with his own career. To state all of this "naturally" nonsense is starting to sound silly. It's not embedded in his DNA that he must be within 50 feet of his family members at all times; he's a grown man with a life of his own. I know this might sound a little crazy to you with all your "naturally" notions, but maybe continually being surrounded by his brothers isn't something he wants in his professional life. Maybe he enjoys being and playing in NY and maybe he wants to continue his career there.

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