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07-28-2013, 06:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Strangelove View Post
Wishful thinking from a Sabre fan.

Hodgson had a fluke hot start this year leeching off the Vanek/Pomminville and after that he was invisible.

Difference is, Hodgson continued to receive prime linemates/icetime.

He responded with 28 points in 32 games.

Before those 32 games he had 8 points in 20 games with Buffalo.

After those 32 games he had 6 points in 16 games with Buffalo.

One could argue he simply rode a Vanek-Pomminville wave.

Hard to tell at this point.

But one thing is certain: you don't need to back-check to receive prime icetime in Buffalo.

Different story in Vancouver.

WAY too early for you to be saying "Buffalo absolutely won that trade".

Hopefully it turns out to be a great trade for both teams.

We shall see....
One thing is certain, you have no clue what you're talking about.

First off, yes Hodgson defense left a lot to be desired, however Vanek and Pominville were put out to create offense, not defend against the other team. Who is a creative passer and offensive catalyst? Oh, Cody Hodgson can fill that role. Other than Ennis(who did not play with Vanek and Pominville due to Hodgson's chemistry with them and the fact that Foligno, Ennis, Stafford was a successful line at the end of the previous year), who else is going to be put in that center role? Ott? Hecht, oh how about the later acquisition of Kevin Porter? Since we have a severe lack of centers, Cody was put into the best spot, because he was our best offensive center. To refute your point about him being gifted a spot, he was actually demoted during the year because he was playing poorly, and while I don't disagree that he definitely benefitted from playing with Vanek and Pominville, are we supposed to discredit this? If so, we should apply the same to Kassian right? To not do so would be ridiculous. Oh, on a sidenote Hodgson our best forward during the games that Vanek was out due to injury.

I'm not denying that Hodgson has a lot of work to do, mostly with his defensive work. But I love how Canuck fans continue to bash the kid even though he was on pace for nearly 60 points. Sure he has work to do defensively, but he's 23, he's not meant to be perfect at everything yet. He's a hard worker, and seems like a good kid with his head on straight, he'll work on what he needs to improve.

I'm in no way putting Kassian down, I think the Canuck fans who remember me(also went by Kishire) can say that I've always wished Kassian the best. But the double standard and hypocrisy that happens whenever Hodgson's name is mentioned around Canuck fans is impossible to ignore.

Godson to cancer and a bum in not even a month after being traded. Pathetic.

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