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Originally Posted by habsfanatics View Post
I disagree, we need a minutes cruncher. I think based on the roster makeup, Diaz is the expendable one. I don't think you need a true puck
Mover on each pair either. We had gorges and gill paired together at a time and they were pretty good. Even Emelin/tinordi move the puck fine. I find he's redundant, much like dd/Briere are. We have two of the best puck movers in the game. We need a big physical minutes eater. Bouillon brings an element of physicality and can move the puck adequately on the 3rd pair. I'm not a big Diaz fan to begin with, but I think with the lack of crease clearers on the back end, he is the one who is expendable. My opinion anyways, we're still way too soft back there.
We do need a minute cruncher as you say, but that's the Gorges, Emelin's and to a lesser extent Bouillon's role. They are supposed to be the defensive guys that can shutdown the opponents and clear the crease. They are ones that collectively are not doing their jobs, so we should be trying to upgrade one of those guys. For instance if you replace Bouillon with Hal Gill from a few years ago, suddenly our PK is better, we have someone who can handle PWFs, we can protect a 1-goal lead in the last minute of play, and we are a better playoff team.

When we had Gill-Gorges as a team we were also pretty terrible offensively. We usually only had one pairing that could pass the puck and the rest would simply chip the puck off the glass. Having D that can move the puck up the ice make a tremendous difference, without that no matter how good your forwards are they will struggle to score. We led the league in scoring by defenceman last year, it was one of our biggest strengths and a big part of our success. It would be a mistake to take away from that.

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