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01-11-2004, 11:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Habsolument
talking about impatient fans it's really easy to see you have something against Hossa, even when he played some good games with the Habs this season you never said anything good on him.
Yes, you're right. Hossa is actually getting on my nerves. Last year when he was brought up, he was one of my favorite players because he showed he could skate and make plays, which he can't do anymore. I lost all respect, and I won't get any back unless he works his ass off to get back on track, and as I said, it won't happen any time soon if he doesn't realize the way he plays right now s*cks.
And by the way, he didn't play good games with the habs this season. PM me for my address and send me tapes of games where he actually did more than one USEFUL play that CREATED something, or that he worked hard at least half of his shifts.

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