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Originally Posted by Tramontane Sirocco View Post
yeah I will estimate they last, at most 5 years, then will go away... then we wait 5 years... and hopefully, as I said we'll get the rough riders (I mean didn't Ottawa have the name first?!)
I have no faith for football in Ottawa, none whatsoever
I actually like the name RedBlacks. It's one of the most interesting expansion names I've seen in a long time. Plays to the rich history of Ottawa sports teams, the military and Logging industry, and has a sense of pride.
I did some research. Here are some numbers you can all use next time someone says Ottawa football fans donít support their team.
Even with poor ownership the Renegades averaged 22,173 and the Rough Riders from 1970 to 96 averaged 22,209. When the Alouettes came back in 1996 they have had an average attendance of 20,700. Torontoís average attendance sense 1996 is 24,269 Hamiltonís average is 20,836 for the same period. Keep in mind that both Montreal and Toronto are about four times our size in population. Ottawa football fans have always supported their team. As of this weekend they have sold 10,000 season tickets.

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