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Originally Posted by MessierIsGod View Post
You are right. i am sorry. 6 mio is a very bad contract for the swedish king. The goalie that won the Cup this year. He must make 8 or 9 mio. I thought this is a public forum where one can express an opinion. I thought hank being outplayed in the playoffs by other teams' goalies were facts. Maybe I was wrong. Not worth being stalked (oops "called out" that is). As to names, somehow Lou found one to replace a HOF. No doubt Slats can do the same (look what did with Gomez). Anyway, sorry for interrupting the flowers for the king.
You're extremely naive. You don't want to pay Lundqvist market value, and you expect that if we let him go, we magically find a replacement, good enough, for I guess way less than 5mil (because otherwise, what's the point right? 2-3 mil difference won't make or break us for a star player)? Because let's face it, with the roster we have now, Lundqvist is doing a hell lot of carrying the team, so if we free up the I dunno what, 7-8 mil that Lundqvist can realisticly cost, we'll use 4-5 of that to sign a new goalie whoever that may be, and that other 3-4 mil will make us so much better?

Your entire post is basically: Other GMs found good players, let Sather do it too. You do realize what players are availible right? If you prefer Schneider over Lundqvist, well sorry, I guess we're too late to jump on that train. Does that mean we're screwed?

Oh just a question for fun, let's say we'd have lost to Washington in game 7, like 1 goal difference lose, would that mean Lundqvist would have been outplayed in that series too? Your stance on it seem to be, series lost = Lundqvist outplayed by other goalie. Boston was almost eliminated by Toronto, I guess that's because Reimer almost outplayed Boston. I'm pretty sure we can trade for Reimer, you in for that?

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